How to Keep Your Cat off The Counter

You love your cat, but she tends to jump on the kitchen counter. You’re tired of finding stray fur in the butter – this bad habit has to stop. But how do you tackle this problem? How can you make sure Fluffy keeps her paws planted firmly on the floor?

Make Sure Your Counter Is Clear and Clean

Don’t leave anything on the counter that you know Fluffy finds interesting. Keep food stored in containers. If you have to use a bag, seal it at the top. Check the sink and wipe away any crumbs or liquids that Fluffy might want to nibble on or lick. This may feel unnecessary, but cats can be stubborn and determined creatures – they’re always full of surprises.

Distract Your Cat with Other Activities

Keep your cat busy with other things. Invest in a toy that dispenses food and let her roll around with it at her leisure. Buy a window-mounted cat bed and place it where the sun shines most prominently in your home. With so many things to play with and see, she will be too distracted to care about your kitchen counter. If money is an issue, cut coupons and wait for sales at your local pet stores.

Be Consistent

Once you start, don’t stop. Don’t scold your cat for jumping on the counter one day and let her get away with it the next day. She won’t catch on, and you will end up even more frustrated. Consistency is the key to your success.

Don’t be afraid to ask your local Lincoln, NE Cat’s Pajamas pet sitter about additional options and assistance.