Room Service

We do not want to alter your cat’s normal diet, so we ask that all pet parents provide their own dry and/or wet food & treats for their cat(s) for each day’s stay. Please provide 2-3 extra days of food, in case you are delayed in your return.036-catspjs olly2

We feed cats breakfast each day around 9am and supper around 6pm. If more meals are needed, or an alternative schedule is necessary for the health and well being of your cat, just let us know.

If CPL needs to provide food:
We will purchase food at a local pet supply store and charge it to your account PLUS $22 for the trip.
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Ala Cart


Fountain for Drinking Water in Room $3/night

Tuna Time Turn Down (treats or spoonful of tuna and extra love with massage before bedtime) $3/night


Litter Box Choices

CPL provides your cat(s) with a large litter box filled with clay litter for short stays and clumping litter for longer stays. Boxes are scooped daily.

We have a variety of types and sizes of boxes to fit every cat’s needs. We want to match what the box looks and feels like at home as much as possible. Please tell us about your cats typical litter box at home (high sides, low sides, covered, uncovered.)

If your cat requires additional scooping (more than once daily) or additional boxes, more than the normal listed below, there may be a small daily charge of $2. 3PM14810

Litter options:

  • Short Stays = Clay litter provided by CPL for every guest staying less than 3 nights.
  • Long Stays = Clumping litter provided by CPL for every guest staying 3 nights or longer
  • Upgrades = Wheat, Pine, Pearls, Pellets or Newspaper Litters are available for an extra charge

Client may NOT bring their own litter, unless it is in a brand new, unopened bag.

We require more litter boxes according to the number of cats in each room.

  • 3 cats = 2 litter boxes
  • 4-5 cats = 3 litter boxes

No more than 5 cats allowed in any room.

We can provide large adjoining rooms for families with more than 5 cats.Catalina


PJ’s (Social Time)

Basic PJ’s – A cuddle visit (and wellness check) from our cat care specialists in the morning. This is included as a part of every guest’s stay!

Flannel PJ’s – Add brushing or massage to the Basic. (Required for long-haired cats) Session lasts around 10 minutes.
$ 3 per session

Satin PJ’s – Add 20 minutes to the Basic for mid-day play or social time. May include brushing, if the cat is willing.
$6 per session

Silk PJ’s – Add 40 minutes to the Basic for mid-day play or social time. May include brushing.
$9 per session.

Medication administration
is free, but if it takes extra time, then social time charges will be added to your billed according to the PJ’s Social Time.