About Us

Owner: Jennifer Haralson with her cat, Curly.

Owner: Jennifer Haralson with client, Curly.

Having cared for pets for as a professional pet sitter for many years, Jennifer Haralson experienced many luxuries in pet care. Everything from doggie day spas, to designer pet clothes, to mansions with their own pet wing of the house.

When it came time for A Pause for Paws, Inc in Lincoln, NE to expand to an office setting, Jennifer’s entrepreneurial spirit kicked in. How can we make the best use of time, space and employees? That’s when Cat’s Pajamas of Lincoln was paper writing help born.

Other cities in the country offered luxury kennel options but only for dogs. Boarding cats and other small caged animals, without the dogs, was the best option to share office space with A Pause for Paws, Inc. (our pet sitting company- www.apauseforpaws.com)

Knowing cats are an important part of every family, Cat’s Pajamas went all out to design a luxury hotel that simulates a home environment. Your cats stay in a warm, spacious hotel room. This place is perfect for cats who can’t bear to be alone at home.


“You have been so kind and loving to Leo.  I have and will continue to recommend you so very highly to friends.   I have an appreciation for the loving care you have taken of Leo.  Pet owners , well me, appreciate the “report cards” and daily activity updates while our pets are in your care. It makes the experience very personal and we know you are taking special care of our special pets.  You provide very special care and services.  Thanks you all of you so very much.”

-Margie Adams (and Leo)


“Our cats have never been away from home before but they like to get into things when we are gone for more than a weekend. Our orange tabby will open cupboard doors and drawers all over the house and then the dog and all three cats get into them.

This time we took them to Cat’s Pajamas. They stayed in the catty corner which had drawers to open… but nothing inside. All three had their own little cubby hole and
a window to look out. Jennifer said our orange one wanted to come out and hang out with the girls while they were in the office while the other two were content in the room.

When I picked up my cats they came right to me. They were excited to go home but relaxed and that is why our cats will be back! THANKS!”

-Jason A.

“Just a quick thank you note to Jennifer, Kristin, and Jan for all the wonderful care that you provided for Chuck, Barry, & Sammie.

Thank you so much for taking such special care of Sammie when she became sick. She is doing great and we can tell she was spoiled. She still loves to be bundled up in a warm towel, Jan.

If anyone needs a loving place and people that truly care about your cats then Cat’s Pajamas is where you need to go. Thanks again!”

-Deb B.