Welcome to Cat’s Pajamas!

The Cat’s Pajamas of Lincoln is a unique cat boarding experience that clients, and most importantly cats, LOVE.

We offer full sized hotel rooms for each cat family.IMG_3766

The quiet and relaxed atmosphere is free from barking and stressful noises found in kennels and veterinary offices.

There are NO cages,

NO stainless steal medical boxes,

NO little suites,

NO unpleasant noises,

NO unpleasant odors.

We customize each cat’s stay with our luxury amenities in a ‘hotel-like’ environment.

  • Each room opens with a full-sized GLASS DOOR that allows the guests to observe the general areas of the hotel, such as the lobby, reception desk and offices.  These large glass doors also allow the cat care specialists to observe cats all day long without disturbing their slumber.
  • Each room arusticnicellows for NATURAL LIGHT to shine in.  We feel a cat needs to know when it is daytime or nighttime, naturally.  Our full sized windows, glass doors and skylights allow sunbeams to shine into each and every room.
  • Every room contains a HIDEY HOLE.  These little “forts” give cats comfort when they first arrive to hide away from all the action.  The cats can peek out, if they want to sneak a glance at someone in the front doorway, or they can turn their backs and be in their own little world.
  • Our facilities provide litter boxes and feeding areas for each cat.  They need to attend to those important activities at their own leisurely pace.

From floor to ceiling, the luxury never stops. Some of our rooms have carpeting or wood floors.  Others have tin or  vaulted ceilings.  Many of our rooms contain counter tops for lounging and feasting upon.  Rooms also have a scratching post, cat perch and décor to match every cat lover’s purrsonality.



Cat’s Pajamas of Lincoln Mission Statement: We will set the new standard for cat boarding and companionship with a spacious, safe environment and caring staff.  At CPL we want to give a personalized and loving experience to each guest.

Our Promise is:

  • to provide loving care for our guests, like they are our own pets.
  • to maintain a clean, safe and healthy environment by offering personalized and spacious accommodations.
  • to continue our education, follow your direct instructions, and follow our proven business practices